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caregiver jobsLooking for a job as a caregiver?

MyCarePal is not an employer, rather we assist individuals to legally hire you as their employee/caregiver.

We assist your potential employer to complete and file all of the required paperwork to the state and federal agencies, issue appropriate payroll checks and W-2 forms to you, and maintain compliance in their role as your employer.

Many caregivers falsely believe that they may work as a caregiver for a client in their home as an independent contractor (otherwise known as a 1099 worker). Please be aware that this is NOT the case in California. If you are a caregiver, you need to either be hired legally as an employee by the client you are going to work for or legally hired by a full-service agency.

Apply to be a Caregiver

After completing the online application, you will be contacted to visit the MyCarePal office for the following activities to complete your application:

  • Obtain paperwork to complete your background check (results usually available within 24-48 hours)

  • Provide a copy of your resume, or application as required by client, and sign originals

  • Provide proof of your eligibility to work in the United States

  • Confirm your schedule availability to work for the client

  • Provide copies of your valid Driver’s License or appropriate ID

  • Provide proof of current car registration and insurance (only if you intend to offer transportation to clients)

Enjoy the benefits of working legally:

  • Receive a W-2 for wages earned, thereby allowing for appropriate tax filings and income verification

  • Increase your eligibility to verify employment and income using payroll stubs and W-2 forms, thereby enhancing your opportunities to qualify for loans to purchase vehicles or homes, apply for credit cards, and obtain approval for apartment rentals and leases

  • Ability to collect unemployment insurance benefits, should you lose your job through no fault of your own

  • Enhance your credits towards collecting Social Security benefits when you retire

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